Single Span Polyhouses

All Polyhouses use large diameter, high tensile steel tube manufactured by our UK steel suppliers to Z35 specification. This means that it has a much higher bending resistance than standard mild steel tube and is therefore stronger in use. The large diameters give additional strength for resistance to wind and snow loads. Most foundation tubes have a 2mm plus wall thickness.

The foundation tubes are a key part of the Polyhouse and it is vital to ensure maximum strength in this area.

All tube is galvanised inside and out for maximum corrosion prevention. In normal conditions we have seen our Polyhouses exhibit little serious corrosion even after 20 years use.

Fordingbridge pioneered the use of swaged joint systems in polyhouse design and use this extensively throughout our Polyhouses. A swage is where the tube end is reduced in diameter for approximately 100mm along its length. This allows tubes to sleeve together giving a low cost, extremely strong joint which is fast to assemble. The foundation tubes to hoops; the hoops themselves and the ridge and crossbraces use this swage system. All Polyhouses have corner windbrace diagonals and most have an additional gable end roof diagonal support.

Our investment in a tailor made CAD drawing computer packages enables us to offer assistance with planning applications. We can supply scale drawings of our structures to submit with your application and these are available on request. This service has been used by both major household name PLC groups and one person, one tunnel enterprises.

Single span standard polyhouse

The Standard Range

A low cost, high quality structure frame using large diameter Z35 tube, all with single ridge and all set on swaged foundation tubes. These polyhouses are fast to build and have a secure anchorage to the ground.

All standards have excellent side clearance and ‘shoulder room’ coupled with lower height profile which can be an advantage for planning permission purposes.

Standard Range products: 18ft | 21ft | 24ft | 28ft

Single span Euro polyhouse

The Euro Range

Our design expertise has allowed us to manufacture the superb Euro range. With all hoops positioned to be completely vertical for the first 3ft 3ins (1m) from ground level, there is great clearance for access or for plants. It assists ventilation where side rails set at up to 1200mm (4ft) do not cause rain to drip into the structure. All polyhouses, with the exception of the 5m span, use 60mm Z35 high tensile steel tube, galvanized for maximum corrosion prevention.

Euro Range products: 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m9m

Multispan Polyhouses

The Multispan range consists of the Multilink CBV and the Hybrid. These models include aluminium guttering and cross braces for crop support. The Hybrid has more optional extras.

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